【AI 繪圖】薇兒海絲(家裡蹲吸血姬的鬱悶)

2023/10/25 461 3 繪圖作品 , AI繪圖 ,

疊代步數:小圖、大圖皆 80 步
挑選張數:6 張 + 6 張 = 12 張
輸出尺寸:512 x 768 px(2:3)、1024 x 768 px(4:3)
使用工具:Stable Diffusion web UI、Anything V5+自行訓練1500步之LoRA模型
CFG Scale:7
提詞文字:masterpiece, (best quality:1.3), Amazing, beautiful detailed eyes, 1girl, solo, finely detail,depth_of_field, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, (viruheizu:1.2), __posture__, (upper_body), (arms_behind_back:1.2), portrait, facing viewer, short hair, blue hair, hair flower, white flower, hair ornament, hair between eyes, sidelocks, bangs, maid headdress, hair ribbon, green eyes, maid, detached sleeves, apron, maid apron, white apron, bare shoulders, knee boots, thigh strap, frills, long sleeves, breasts, dress, puffy sleeves, bow, skirt, feet out of frame, cowboy shot, __looking__, __expression__, __background__. <lora:viruheizu:0.8:lbw=MIDD>
__expression__:smile/nsmile/nsmile/nsmile, open_mouth/nsmile, closed_eyes/nopen_mouth/nshy/nlaughing/nangry/nevil/nlonely/ncrying
__background__:outdoors, starry sky, night sky, sunset\nnight, night sky, cloudy sky, meteor, planet, cloud, star (sky), (starry sky:1.2)\n(outdoors), day, blue sky, cloud, nature, tree\noutdoors, day, blue sky, cloud, water\noutdoors, day, grass\ncherry blossoms, tree, outdoors, shooting star, petals, cloud\noutdoors, city, cityscape, scenery, building

此次的目標是在「家裡蹲吸血姬的鬱悶」(ひきこまり吸血姫の悶々,The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess)登場的「薇兒海絲」(ヴィルヘイズ,Viruheizu),黛拉可瑪莉(主角)的女僕。喜歡黛拉可瑪莉。過去曾受到米莉桑德的欺凌而被逼退學。總共產生 200 張,挑掉不合理跟瑕疵較多的有 12 張如下提供大家參考。

1024 x 768 px(4:3)大圖:

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