【AI 繪圖】緹雅菈·羅耶爾·艾比(成為悲劇元兇的最強異端,最後頭目女王為了人民犧牲奉獻)

2023/08/14 302 2 繪圖作品 , AI繪圖 ,

疊代步數:小圖、大圖皆 80 步
挑選張數:14 張 + 8 張 = 22 張
輸出尺寸:512 x 768 px(2:3)、1024 x 768 px(4:3)
使用工具:Stable Diffusion web UI、Anything V5+自行訓練1500步之LoRA模型
CFG Scale:7
提詞文字:masterpiece, (best quality:1.3), Amazing, beautiful detailed eyes, 1girl, solo, finely detail,depth_of_field, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, (tiara royal ivy), __posture__, (upper_body), (arms_behind_back:1.2), portrait, facing viewer, long hair, blonde hair, hair bow, bow, choker, dress, orange dress, bangs, yellow eyes, flower, blunt bangs, short sleeves, frills, collarbone, rose, feet out of frame, cowboy shot, __looking__, __expression__, __background__. <lora:tiara_royal_ivy:0.9:ALL>
__expression__:smile/nsmile/nsmile/nsmile, open_mouth/nsmile, closed_eyes/nopen_mouth/nshy/nlaughing/nangry/nevil/nlonely/ncrying
__background__:outdoors, starry sky, night sky, sunset\nnight, night sky, cloudy sky, meteor, planet, cloud, star (sky), (starry sky:1.2)\n(outdoors), day, blue sky, cloud, nature, tree\noutdoors, day, blue sky, cloud, water\noutdoors, day, grass\ncherry blossoms, tree, outdoors, shooting star, petals, cloud\noutdoors, city, cityscape, scenery, building

此次的目標是在「成為悲劇元兇的最強異端,最後頭目女王為了人民犧牲奉獻」(悲劇の元凶となる最強外道ラスボス女王は民の為に尽くします。,The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior)登場的「緹雅菈·羅耶爾·艾比」(ティアラ・ロイヤル・アイビー,Tiara Royal Ivy),本作主角普萊朵的妹妹。少女遊戲《你與一線光芒》(簡稱《你光》)的主角。總共產生 200 張,挑掉不合理跟瑕疵較多的有 22 張如下提供大家參考。

1024 x 768 px(4:3)大圖:

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