關於萌樂 About Meng Yue

大家好呀!我們是萌樂(Meng Yue,ㄇㄥˊㄩㄝˋ),本頻道隸屬於「萌芽系列網站」,我們製作項目有「東方Vocal」、「東方Arrange」、「其他視覺化音樂」等等...,翻譯、字幕、視覺化、編曲自己來!喜歡的人歡迎直接訂閱!本頻道官方網站就是「萌芽音樂網」,歡迎常去瀏覽!我們設計非常美觀的版面給你最佳的視覺饗宴!不只影片要美,網頁也要!最後,祝福大家,藉由美好的事物,讓人生更加美好、幸福!
Hello everyone! We are Meng Yue, this channel belongs to the "Mnya Series Website". Our ongoing projects are "Touhou Vocal", "Touhou Arrange" and other visual music. We make translation, subtitle, visualization, arranges ourselves! Please subscribe if you like our video! The official website of this channel is "Mnya Music Website", you are welcome to visit us anytime! We had designed our layouts to provide you the best visual experience! Hope you enjoy it!

萌樂成員/Meng Yue Members:

● 方塊鴨 ‧ Block Duck(日譯中、英譯中/Chinese Translator)
● 冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin(主要頻道管理者、PV Maker)
● 冠冠(英譯中/Chinese Translator)
● 阿廷(英譯中/Chinese Translator)

萌樂連結/Meng Yue link:

✎ 萌樂委託歌曲 ‧ Meng Yue commissioned songs:http://goo.gl/forms/yzXUn6cWDwL3sgKh1
✎ 萌芽音樂網 ‧ Mnya Music Website:https://mnya.tw/ms/


This channel has no profit-making behavior. If there are any need for improvement, feel free to leave a message for us. All the video images are collected from the web. Please let us know if it is inappropriate, we will delete the video on time, thanks!

創作者列表 / Creators list

Here we list the creators of the artwork we use. (Please let us know if there are any omissions.)

東方同人社團/Touhou Circle:

ALiCE'S EMOTiONAlstroemeria RecordsAmateras RecordsC-CLAYSColor&Color+CrestCrossGearDiGiTAL WiNGFELTHalozyGET IN THE RINGLiz Trianglemonochrome-coatNJK RecordRiversideSilver ForestSOUND HOLICSound OnlineSYNC.ART'SYonder VoiceZYTOKINEあ~るの~とサリー幽閉サテライト少女フラクタル凋叶棕豚乙女暁Records森羅万象

音樂創作者 & 歌手/Music Creators & Singer:

Alan WalkerApproaching NirvanaPorter RobinsonMarshmelloJim YosefShakiraAlessia Cara


Because a lot of painters, We will indicate the painter at the introduction, thank you!

特別感謝 / Special thanks

We want to "special thanks" to the ... (Please let us know if there are any omissions.)

日譯英/English translator:

AmenFuyukoKafka FuuraReleskaRobinShion

權限 / Permissions

Here we write the letter asked the authorization results, authorized only for Meng Yue! If you want to use, please send a letter to the circle to ask.

社團 / Circle 回應 / Response 日期 / Date
Crest ● Use the audio track (OK!)
● Use the original lyrics (OK!)
● Use the translation lyrics (OK!)
GET IN THE RING ● Use the audio track (OK!)
● Use the original PV (OK!)
● Use the original lyrics (OK!)
● Use the translation lyrics (OK!)
Riverside ● Use the audio track (OK!)
● Use the original lyrics (OK!)
● Use the translation lyrics (OK!)
Silver Forest ● Use the audio track (Wait)
● Use the original PV (Wait)
● Use the original lyrics (OK!)
● Use the translation lyrics (OK!)
Yonder Voice ● There are usage restrictions. 2017/01/24
豚乙女 ● Any works prohibited reproduced. 2017/02/21

理念 / Idea

Hello, everyone, Meng Yue (萌樂) hopes that through uploading the Japanese, English subtitles translation, visualization, animation of songs on the channel, fans in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, etc. Worldwide can understand the true meaning of the songs. We are also like to promote these Japanese, English songs, publicity items, such as touhou circle (東方同人社團), orchestras, singers, arranger, illustrator, animator. All creations used by the video are labeled with the source, including the name, URL. We hope that creators can agree with our idea, and look forward for our translation of your creation and publicity to the world, so that these creations can be seen by the world. We respect all the creators very much. If you spot that there is a breach of your copyright, we are awfully sorry. Please e-mail us as soon as possible to delete the video, or we will handle it properly according to your means.


◆ 撰寫/Writer:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
◆ 英文助理/English assistant:秦心
◆ 最後編輯日期/Last edited date:2017/02/05