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Hi! This is our 259th visualization, 239th Touhou Vocal video with a length of about 4 minutes, hope you like it! This is a translation of a C93 song, the first track of the album "ARATAMA-荒魂-". The video includes Japanese, Japanese Romanization, Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles. Translation might be different from its original meaning.

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♫ 歌曲紹介/歌曲資訊/Introduction:艶でや雲海花嵐 / 艷麗的雲海與漫天櫻 / Charming Sea of Clouds​ and Storm of Flowers
♫ オリジナル/原曲/Original:
╠ 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons. 《桜色の海を泳いで》
╠ 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons. 《一対の神獣》
╚ 蓬萊人形~ Dolls in Pseudo Paradise. 《二色蓮花蝶 ~ Red and White》
♫ 中譯/Chinese Traditional Translation:天宫冥子
♫ 英譯/English Translation:天宫冥子
♫ PV:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
♫ 發布/Release:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
♫ サークル/社團/Circle:GET IN THE RING http://gchm-music.com/
♫ アルバム/專輯/Album:2017-12-29 (C93) GET IN THE RING - ARATAMA-荒魂- https://aratama-c93.tumblr.com/
♫ アレンジ/編曲/Arrange:GCHM https://twitter.com/GCHM0927
♫ リリック/作詞/Lyric:Jell  https://twitter.com/Bluesky_Edition
♫ ヴォーカル/歌手/Vocal:みぃ https://twitter.com/miemum
♫ ギター/吉他/Guitar:AWOKI
♫ 画像/圖片/Image:dairi https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4920496
♫ 背景画像/背景圖片/Background image:https://unsplash.com/photos/A3c-81tup5s

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♪ 歌詞/Lyric:

外は花乱れ 散って明日は我が身なれど花見酒
soto wa hana midare chitte asu wa waga mi nare do hanamizake
室外芳花散落一地 零亂的未來在你賞花喝酒時 化為吾身
Flowers are scattered around outside, the future falling apart becomes my body as you enjoy sake during flower viewing

kanjiru no wa atatakami dake
Feeling nothing but warmth

touku no hou de boku o yobu koe ga shita
遠方傳來 呼喚著我的聲音
A voice called out me in the distance

okiku natte niji to mazatte ko o egaita
Depicts an expanding rainbow and an arc mixed with it

君がいれば 騒がしさに相乗
kimi ga ireba sawagashisa ni soujou
若你在身邊 就會和騷動聲便會相乘
If you're here, it'll be synergised within this turmoil

寄れば二身一対 交わります
yoreba nishin ittsui majiwarimasu
靠近我的話 便會遇上這一雙軀體
Approach near me, and you'll meet this pair of bodies

上等じゃん 相手は色とりどりの 時々勝利よりも私情
joutou jan aite wa iro toridori no tokidoki shouri yori mo shijou
來吧 這裡有形形色色的對手 但這時不時的勝利還不如私情呢
Bring it on, there are all kinds of opponents, but I prefer my feelings to you over winning from time to time

世にも奇妙 うらら桜花爛漫
yo ni mo kimyou urara oukaramman
格外奇特的櫻花 爛漫又美麗
That's strange, this riot cherry blossoms is so beautiful

満開!AHといえばUN 静寂ごと飲み込む薄紅の怒涛
mankai! AH to ieba UN seijakugoto nomikomu usubeni no dotou
盛開吧!說了聲「啊」的話 就「嗯」一聲地喝下這份靜寂 臉色變成怒不可遏的微紅
Bloom! Say AH as you swallow down this serenity like UN, with your face showing surging waves of light pink

春の嵐 一切合切も敵じゃない!
haru no arashi issai gassai mo teki janai!
春日風暴裡 一切皆不能與我匹敵!
In this spring storm, nobody can compete with me!

migi kara hidari e to yatsugi baya ni
從左到右 接連不斷
From right to left, one after another

socchi noke de narihibiku matsuribayashi
不屑一顧 讓祭典音樂 回響至各處
Ignore it all and let the festival music resound

いつの間にか 馴染んじゃった居候
itsu no ma ni ka najinjatta isourou
不知不覺 你就會和這寄人籬下的變得親密無比
You'll be familiar of this freeloader before you can notice it

呼べば 古今東西駆け付けます
yobeba kokontouzai kaketsukemasu
大叫一聲 我就會趕到你身邊
Call me out, and I'll rush towards whenever you are

相当じゃん 掻き鳴らせ口三味線 それじゃ見せてあげましょうか
soutou jan kakinarase kuchijamisen sore ja misete agemashou ka
這是應該的 讓你見識下 我嘴裏哼唱著的三弦調
That's fair, shall I show you the three stringed guitar tune that I'm humming?

小さな異変 ちゃっちゃと解決円満
chiisana ihen chaccha to kaiketsu enman
得趕緊解決這小小的異變 方才圓滿
Settle down this tiny incident in a swift without any problem

万歲!AHといえばUN大切な かけがえないこの刹那
manzai! AH to ieba UN taisetsu na kake ga enai kono setsuna
萬歲!說了聲「啊」的話 「嗯」一聲下 刹那間變得無可替代的重要之物
Hooray! Say AH as this important instant become something irreplacable like UN

泣くのはナシ 失敗ばっかも上出来じゃない?
naku no wa nashi shippai bakka mo joudeki janai?
別哭了 就算失敗了 你也盡了力不是嗎?
Don't cry, even if you failed, you still did your best, didn't you?

君の傍で 護りたい理想郷
kimi no soba de mamoritai risoukyou
你的身旁是 想要守護的理想鄉
Next to you is an utopia that you want to protect

お互い 以心伝心 間違いない
o tagai ishin denshin machigainai
彼此心息相通 總不會有問題
Understanding each other is never wrong

上等じゃん 伊達酔狂 だって最強 勝手な起承転結が至上
joutou jan date suikyou datte saikyou katte na kishoutenketsu ga shijou
來吧 乘醉聊發少年狂 因為你是最強的 任性的起承轉合才是最好的
Bring it on and get drunk in style, since you're the strongest here, start and end everything selfishly is the best

いつでもそう これが弾幕浪漫
itsudemo sou kore ga danmaku roman
一直是這樣子 這就是彈幕的浪漫
And it'll always be like that, that's the romance of a bullet barrage

mokkai! AH to ie ba UN seijakugoto nomikomu usubeni no dotou
再來一遍!說了聲「啊」的話 就「嗯」一聲地喝下這份靜寂 臉色變成怒不可遏的微紅
Again! Say AH as you swallow down this serenity like UN, with your face showing surging waves of light pink

haru no arashi wa mada owannaishisa
春日風暴 看似仍未結束
Seems like this spring storm isn't finished yet

春のOne Night Scene Inside,Outside,寄って来なさい!
haru no One Night Scene Inside, Outside, yotte kinasai!
春夜美景下 不論你在裡在外 請快走到我身邊吧!
A one night scene in spring inside and outside, please come to my side!

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