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嗨!這是我們第251部視覺化、第231部東方Vocal影片,長度約5分鐘,希望您能喜歡!這次翻譯C93新歌!此曲為專輯「ナナイロノキセツ‐Under the Rainbow-」第十三軌。附日文、日文羅馬拼音、中文、English字幕,翻譯部分意思可能與原意有所誤差。
Hi! This is our 251th visualization, 231th Touhou Vocal video with a length of about 5 minutes, hope you like it! This is a translation of a C93 new song, the thirteenth track of the album "ナナイロノキセツ‐Under the Rainbow-". The video includes Japanese, Japanese Romanization, Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles. Translation might be different from its original meaning.

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♫ 歌曲紹介/歌曲資訊/Introduction:虹色の夢模様 / 虹色的夢之圖樣 / Rainbow Colored Dream Pattern
♫ オリジナル/原曲/Original:
╠ 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club. 《少女秘封倶楽部》
╚ 東方緋想天 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. 《有頂天変 ~ Wonderful Heaven》
♫ 中譯/Chinese Traditional Translation:天宫冥子
♫ 英譯/English Translation:天宫冥子
♫ PV:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
♫ 發布/Release:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
♫ サークル/社團/Circle:TUMENECO http://shoyu-sound.jp/tumeneco/
♫ アルバム/專輯/Album:2017-12-29 (C93) TUMENECO - ナナイロノキセツ‐Under the Rainbow- http://tumeneco.shoyu-sound.jp/TCCD/
♫ アレンジ/編曲/Arrange:tomoya https://twitter.com/TUMENECO
♫ リリック/作詞/Lyric:ななつめ https://twitter.com/nanatum
♫ ヴォーカル/歌手/Vocal:yukina https://twitter.com/yuzyuz_x
♫ 画像/圖片/Image:dairi https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4920496
♫ 背景画像/背景圖片/Background image:https://unsplash.com/photos/g0q8PpjCZRA

✎ 製作/Maker:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
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♪ 歌詞/Lyric:

舞い散る 雪の桜 見上げて 夢を見た
maichiru yuki no hana miagete yume o mita
雪花飄散而落 抬頭便可見其夢
Snowflakes danced down looked up and saw their dreams

溢れる 思い出を 重ねて
afureru omoide o kasanete
滿溢而出的回憶 屢次現於眼前
Repeating those overflowing memories

窓を叩く 雨音が 奏でる 恋模様
mado o tataku amaoto ga kanaderu koi moyou
雨水輕輕敲打著窗戶 奏起了
Raindrops knocking on the window played sounds of the shape of love

流れる 夕焼けに 乗せて
nagareru yuuyake ni nosete
乘坐於漂流在夕陽 戀愛的圖樣
Riding on the flowing sunset

紡ぐ夢語り 続く微睡を
tsumugu yumegatari tsuzuku madoromi o
Continue to fall asleep in this fantastic story I'd made up

いつも北極星が 照らしてた
itsumo hoshi ga terashiteta
As the northern star always shine in the skies

瞳重ねて 永遠の幻想を幻想世界と繋げるために
hitomi kasanete towa no yume o yume to tsunageru tame ni
為了讓永遠的幻想與幻想世界連在一起 (而不停地)
In order to connect this eternal dream and the fantasy world, I closed my eyes

(nando de mo)
(Again and again)

二人を未知に誘う 不思議な夜を越えて
futari o michi ni sasou fushigi na yoru o koete
二人被誘惑至未知之地 越過不可思議的暗夜
Being invited into the unknown, both of us transcended this mysterious night

青色の向こうに広がってる 虹色の夢模様
aoiro no mukou ni hirogatteru nijiiro no yume moyou
虹色的夢之圖樣在青藍色的另一邊 不斷擴散
The rainbow colored dream pattern spreads across the blueness on the other side

(この夜の終わりまでは 二人きりこの場所で 終わらない夢を見よう)
(kono yoru no owari made wa futari kiri kono basho de owaranai yume o miyou)
(直至夜幕結束 只有我們兩人在這地方 做著永無止境的美夢)
(Until the night ends, both of us stayed in this place and dreamed forever)

同じ空に 咲く華を 見上げて 夢を見た
onaji sora ni saku hana o miagete yume o mita
在同一片天空下盛開的芳華 抬頭便可見其夢
Flowers blooming under the same skies saw their dreams as they looked up

流れる 季節 その数だけ
nagareru kisetsu sono kazu dake
變遷的四季 只有數到的量一樣多
The number of changing seasons are only as many as they'd counted

秘密繋ぐ者 他者の世界さえ
himitsu tsunagu mono yosou no sekai sae
連接秘密的人們 即便在別的世界裡
Even those who connect secrets together in another world

subete rasen ni tsunaide
Are all connected to each other within the spiral

いつか夢見た夢現 恋に焦がれるように繰り返し
itsuka yumemita yumeutsutsu koi ni kogareru you ni kurikaeshI
總有一日會夢見的夢現* 如墮入情網般 (不停地)
This state of dream and reality we'll dream of someday will repeat (over and over again)

(nando demo)
As if we're yearning for it

二人を未知に誘う 境界線を越えて
futari o michi ni sasou kyoukaisen o koete
二人被誘惑至未知之地 越過境界線
Being invited into the unknown grounds, both of us transcended the boundary

青空の向こうに広がってる 七色の世界へ
aoiro no mukou ni hirogatteru nanairo no sekai e
在碧空的另一邊不斷擴散的事物 朝往七色的世界去
Spreading across on the other side of the blue skies, it went towards the seven coloured world

どこまでも続く この青空の先で
doko made mo tsuzuku kono aozora no saki de
在這片延伸到哪裡的碧空前方 虹色的夢之圖樣
Beyond the blue skies that reaches towards anywhere, we'll be connected

いつか見た場所まで繋がってる 虹色の夢模様
itsuka mita basho made tsunagatteru nijiiro no yume moyou
會一直和我們相連 直到能抵達總有一日會見到的地方
To the rainbow colored dream pattern until we arrived the place we'll see someday

空を巡る 繰り返しを 見つけ出すため
sora o meguru kurikaeshi o mitsukedasu tame
巡游於空中 只為了能找出
Fly in the skies again and again in order to discover

春を廻る 星の夢を 隠された世界で
haru o mawaru hoshi no yume o kakusareta sekai de
在隱藏的世界裡 巡迴於春天的星之夢
The dream of stars that revolves around spring in a hidden world

(モノクロの夢の中で 二人きり手を繋いで 最後まで夢を見よう)
(monokuro no yume no naka de futari kiri te o tsunaide saigo made yume o miyou)
(黑白分明的夢中 兩人手牽著手 直到最後一刻也繼續做夢)
(Within this monochromatic dream, we hold our hands and dream together until the very end)

二人を未知に誘う 星降る夜を越えて
futari o michi ni sasou hoshi furu yoru o koete
二人被誘惑至未知之地 越過星辰降落的暗夜
Being invited into the unknown grounds, both of us transcended the night where star falls

青色の向こうに広がってる 七色の世界へ
aoiro no mukou ni hirogatteru nanairo no sekai e
在青藍色的另一邊不斷擴散的事物 朝往七色的世界
Spreading across the other side of the blueness, it went towards the seven coloured world

dareka ga egaita asu e no tobira akete
打開某人所描繪出的邁向明日的門扉 直到能抵達總有一日會見到的地方前
By opening the doors towards tomorrow somebody drew out, we'll always be connected

いつか見た場所まで繋がってる 虹色の夢模様へ
itsuka mita basho made tsunagatteru nijiiro no yume moyou e
我們會一直相連著 走向虹色的夢之圖樣
Until we arrive the place that faces towards the rainbow coloured dream pattern

この夜の終わりなんて (また) 何度でも繰り返して
kono yoru no owari nante (mata) nando demo kurikaeshite
夜幕結束什麼的 (又再) 無數次重複著
Things like the end of this night countlessly repeats (again)

(何度でも) 終わらない夢を見よう キミと
(nando demo) owaranai yume o miyou kimi to
(一直) 和你做著永無止境的美夢
(Forever and ever) I'll dream with you together endlessly

♪ 註解 (By 天宫冥子):


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