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嗨!這是我們第234部視覺化、第214部東方Vocal影片,長度約4分鐘,希望您能喜歡!這次翻譯博麗神社例大祭7歌曲!此曲為專輯「Moonlight Windia」第一軌。附日文、日文羅馬拼音、中文、English字幕,翻譯部分意思可能與原意有所誤差。
Hi! This is our 234th visualization, 214th Touhou Vocal video with a length of about 4 minutes, hope you like it! This is a translation of a Reitaisai 7 song, the first track of the album "Moonlight Windia". The video includes Japanese, Japanese Romanization, Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles. Translation might be different from its original meaning.

This channel has no profit-making behavior. If there are any need for improvement, feel free to leave a message for us. Please let us know if it is inappropriate, we will delete the video on time, thanks!
Please do not Re-upload or Re-create our video! Thanks!

♫ 歌曲紹介/歌曲資訊/Introduction:Moonlight Windia / 月光隨風
♫ オリジナル/原曲/Original:東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object. 《感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind》
♫ 中譯/Chinese Traditional Translation:天宫冥子
♫ 英譯/English Translation:Releska https://releska.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/moonlight-windia/
♫ PV:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
♫ 發布/Release:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
♫ サークル/社團/Circle:Riverside http://riverside9.web.fc2.com/
♫ アルバム/專輯/Album:2010-03-14 (博麗神社例大祭7) Riverside - Moonlight Windia http://riverside9.web.fc2.com/windia.html
♫ アレンジ/編曲/Arrange:Cororo https://twitter.com/corolaska
♫ リリック/作詞/Lyric:秣本瑳羅 https://twitter.com/maidinsara
♫ ヴォーカル/歌手/Vocal:秣本瑳羅 https://twitter.com/maidinsara
♫ ギター/吉他/Guitar:すのうまん
♫ 画像/圖片/Image:dairi https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4920496
♫ 背景画像/背景圖片/Background image:https://unsplash.com/photos/EhvMzMRO4_o

✎ 製作/Maker:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
✎ 萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MengYueHD/
✎ 萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue Google+:https://plus.google.com/b/102321267020979616294/+mnyue
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♪ 歌詞/Lyric:

孤独の中一人 月を捜してる
kodoku no naka hitori akari wo sagashiteru
孤獨之中 獨自一人尋找月光
I am alone in this isolation. I search for the moon – for light. (1)

覚めない 空想を求めてた
samenai yume wo motometeta
追求著 不會從中醒來的夢想
I wanted a fantasy – a dream I would not wake up from.

mugen ni ayatsuri kaesu muimina sekai nara
若這世界毫無意義 且無限地重複著
If this world is meaningless, and infinitely manipulated,

kowarete shimaeba ii no ni
It would be good if it were to be destroyed. However…

誰の声も聞こえない 静寂の闇に
dare no koe mo kikoenai seijaku no yami ni
但在這靜寂的黑暗之中 我聽不到任何人的聲音
I cannot hear any other voices here, in the darkness of silence.

懐かしい記憶 霞んでく…
natsukashii kioku kasundeku…
懷念的記憶 漸漸變得模糊...
My nostalgic memories slowly become hazy…

風が運ぶ 調べを
kaze ga hakobu shirabe wo
微風帶走 美妙旋律
The wind carries away a melody.

tokashite sakaseta
溶於空中 令那笑容綻放
It dissolves, and makes a memory bloom:

あの笑顔 追憶の君の影を重ねて
ano egao tsuioku no kimi no kage wo kasanete
回憶之中 你的身影層層重疊
It is of that smiling face. I see the shadow of you, from my recollections, once more.

この想いを 月に捧げる
kono omoi wo tsuki ni sasageru
把這份思念 獻向明月
I offer this memory to the moon.

ただ傍に居たいと どんなに願っても
tada soba ni itai to donna ni negatte mo
只想待在你身旁 但不論我如何渴望著它
Still, I want to be close to you. But no matter how much I wish it,

醒めない 悪夢が現実で
samenai yume ga genjitsu de
這無法從中醒來的噩夢 便是現實
This nightmare – a dream – is my reality, which I do not awaken from.

窓に映る月に 想いだけが募る
mado ni utsuru tsuki ni omoi dake ga tsunoru
映在窗前的明月 這份日益增長的思念
In the moon reflected in the window, only my yearning grows stronger,

aenai taisetsuna kimi he
傳達給 無法相遇卻最喜歡的你
Aiming towards you, my dear, who I cannot meet.

薄雲をすり抜けて 照らし出される身を
usugumo wo surinukete terashi dasareru mi wo
被照亮的身軀 穿過薄雲
My illuminated figure slips through the thin clouds.

ねぇ、導いて 離さないでいて
nee, michibiite hanasanaideite
喂 請引導我吧 我不想與你分離
Hey, guide me. I don't want to be parted from you.

君がくれた 約束
kimi ga kureta yakusoku
I cannot forget

The promise you made me.

あの日々に 恋焦がれ叫び声が枯れても
ano hibi ni koikogare sakebigoe ga karetemo
即便苦戀著你的尖叫聲 枯萎於曾經的日子裡
Even if my yearning screams wither during those days,

kono omoi wo utai tsudzukeru
我會繼續哼唱著 這份思念
I will continue to sing of this memory…

強く握り合った手 瞳逸らさずに
tsuyoku nigiriatta te hitomi sorasazu ni
握緊彼此的手 不再移開視線
In this eternal night, I shall grasp your hands tightly.

抱き寄せて この永久の夜、
dakiyosete kono eikyuu no yoru,
在這永久的夜晚裡 緊緊擁抱著彼此
Without looking away, we will embrace,

白き口づけを ああ もう一度
shiroki kuchidzuke wo aa mou ichido
親吻這片純白 啊啊 再一次
And share a kiss of whiteness. Aah… once more,

tsuki ni negai wo
I make my wish upon the moon.

♪ Note (By Releska):

(1) The Japanese text is 'the moon,' but 'light' is sung, demonstrating a peculiarity of Japanese songs. I've left both words in for the sake of clarity. It happens a couple of times, though I haven't marked each instance of it because my formatting makes it pretty obvious (I think… >_>)

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