2018 / 7 / 12 視覺化 , 東方Vocal , 歌詞 ,

嗨!這是我們第267部視覺化、第247部東方Vocal影片,長度約5分鐘,希望您能喜歡!😊 這次翻譯博麗神社例大祭9歌曲!此曲為專輯「シンドローム」第七軌。附日文、日文羅馬拼音、中文、English字幕,翻譯部分意思可能與原意有所誤差。
Hi! This is our 267th visualization, 247th Touhou Vocal video with a length of about 5 minutes, hope you like it! 😊 This is a translation of a Reitaisai 9 song, the seventh track of the album "シンドローム". The video includes Japanese, Japanese Romanization, Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles. Translation might be different from its original meaning.

This channel has no profit-making behavior. If there are any need for improvement, feel free to leave a message for us. Please let us know if it is inappropriate, we will delete the video on time, thanks!
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♫ 歌曲紹介/歌曲資訊/Introduction:con~痕~ / marks
♫ オリジナル/原曲/Original:東方紅魔鄉 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. 《U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?》
♫ 中譯/Chinese Traditional Translation:方塊鴨 ‧ Block Duck
♫ 英譯/English Translation:Shion https://foregroundnoises.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/【サリー】-茶太-con~痕~/
♫ PV:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
♫ 發布/Release:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
♫ サークル/社團/Circle:サリー http://sally.dojin.com/
♫ アルバム/專輯/Album:2012-05-27 (博麗神社例大祭9) サリー - シンドローム http://sally.dojin.com/SA-003.html
♫ アレンジ/編曲/Arrange:NSY https://twitter.com/Sally_NSY
♫ リリック/作詞/Lyric:shuriken
♫ ヴォーカル/歌手/Vocal:茶太 https://twitter.com/chanekino
♫ 画像/圖片/Image:ふかぢあ https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=27486235

✎ 製作/Maker:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
✎ 萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MengYueHD/
✎ 萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue Google+:https://plus.google.com/b/102321267020979616294/+mnyue
✎ 萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue Telegram:https://t.me/mnyue
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♪ 歌詞/Lyric:

このまま悲劇から逃れ おしまいと言って暗闇
kono mama higeki kara nogare oshimai to itte kurayami
就這麼從悲劇裡逃出 在稱之為結局的黑暗中
Still escaping from the tragedy, in this darkness that calls for an ending;

その姿は まるで 啜り泣く花びら模様
sono sugata wa maru de susurinaku hanabira moyou
那姿態 宛如一朵啜泣的花瓣
That silhouette really looks like a weeping shape of petals

木の葉に仕舞う鼓動 もう止まれと言って暗闇
konoha ni shimau kodou mou tomare to itte kurayami
樹葉停止了鼓譟 而那黑暗也已止住
A darkness that has already ended the sound of leaves

攫う異形の羽 地下に撒く花びら模様
sarau igyou no hane chika ni maku hanabira moyou
被擄獲且奇形怪狀的羽翼 猶如撒落在地下的花瓣
Strange looking abducted wings scatter underground, like the shape of petals

This all for you is wave or gun.

Below, below
於此之下 於此之下

不確かな時を刻み続く 非対称なガラクタで
futashikana toki wo kizamitsudzuku hitaishouna garakuta de
我將繼續刻劃不確定的時間 與不對稱的垃圾
I'll keep marking the passage of an uncertain time over asymmetrical rubbish,

館奥のドアを閉めたのは 僅かな目を隠す掌
yakata oku no doa o shimeta no wa wazukana me o kakusu tenohira
是誰關上了宅邸深處的門 又輕輕以手掌遮蔽了她的雙眼
Who shut the door of the mansion's depths is slightly covering her eyes with the palm of her hand

ヒビ割れた綿の迷路は 深さ知らず
hibiwareta wata no meiro wa fukasa shirazu
I don't know the depth of this cracked labyrinth of cotton

黒柄に触れたものは いつの間にか萎れた
kurogara ni fureta mono wa itsu no ma ni ka shioreta
被那黑色花紋接觸的一切 都在一瞬之間枯萎
Everything touched by this black pattern withers in a blink of an eye

その歌 を紡ぐ序章 空に
sono uta o tsumugu joshou sora ni
那首歌 於虛空中紡織了序章
This song that makes yarn to a void prologue

mou owari to itte kurayami
It's already a darkness that calls for an end

限りなくひとり 幾年と花びらの錠
kagiri naku hitori ikutose to hanabira no jou
無止境的孤獨 帶著歲月花瓣的枷鎖
Alone for all the eternity, with petal shackles of years and years

一目のみとなれど お芝居をうって暗闇
hitome nomi to naredo oshibai o utte kurayami
眼前所見的 就只有如同戲劇的黑暗
A darkness just like a drama saw with nothing but an eye

虹色 歪めて 赤く咲く花びら模様
niji'iro hizumete akaku saku hanabira moyou
那模樣像是彩虹色 歪曲 盛開的赤色花瓣
Just like a distorted rainbow-colored shape of a blooming red petal

ひとひらだけ 水面にくべてくべて
hitohira dake minamo ni kubete kubete
僅僅那一片花瓣 於水面上燃燒著
I'll burn just a petal, only one, on the water's surface

「もしも」と換えて 距離など埋めて全て
“moshimo” to kaete kyori nado umete subete
不管距離還是什麼全部埋葬 就能換成「如果」
I'll bury everything and anything, so distances and such could turn into “what if…”

粉々に果てた からだ こころ たゆたうだけ
konagona ni hateta karada kokoro tayutau dake
最終身體化為粉碎 只有心靈仍然閃爍
My body is turned into tiny pieces, only my soul is still flickering

kodoku ni wa yasuragi sae hisomi
我的孤獨裡 即使安穩地潛伏著
In my loneliness, even the calmness lies dormant

影宿る 最後の火が消えた気がした
kage yadoru saigo no hi ga kieta ki ga shita
也感覺得到影子裡寄宿著 最後的火已然消失
I have the feeling that last fire left on my shadow has vanished

跡形も残らぬほどに 別れたなら
atokata mo nokoranu hodo ni wakareta nara
若是分開 我的形跡也將一點也不剩吧
If I'd be parted away to the point all my traces disappear,

二の句を紡ぐ間際 狂気を見ていられた
ni no ku o tsumugu magiwa kuuki o miteirareta
我將注視著我的瘋狂 待捉住下一句的時刻
I will be staring into my craziness, waiting for the moment I'll grasp an answer

サヨナラ ああ 愛しい熱よ 脈を打つ管 名残りよ
sayonara aa itoshii netsu yo myaku o utsu kuda nagori yo
再見了 我親愛的溫暖啊 我會想念妳那脈息啊
Goodbye, oh my beloved warmth; I'll miss the pulse of your lungs

落ちる雫の絵 夜を裂く花びら模様
ochiru shizuku no e yoru o saku hanabira moyou
一幅落下的水珠 如同夜裡碎裂的花瓣般
A painting of a falling dew, just like the shape of a night petal tore away

逆さ廻りの針 何処までゆこうと暗闇
sakasa mawari no hari doko made yukou to kurayami
逆轉的時針 無論向哪都指著黑暗
In the darkness of the clockhand rotating backwards as far as it can,

お外は今日も雨 よるを巻く花びら模様
osoto wa kyou mo ame yoru o maku hanabira moyou
今日外頭仍在下雨 如同夜晚捲起的花瓣般
Outside is still raining, just like the shape of a petal swayed by the night

Be gone. Unknown un-continued
消失 未知的停止

Bit, bit

This all for you is wave and gun.

於此之下 於此之下

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