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嗨!這是我們第311部視覺化、第290部東方Vocal影片,長度約4分鐘,希望您能喜歡!😊 這次翻譯C96新歌!此曲為專輯「Star Piece」第三軌。附中文、English字幕,翻譯部分意思可能與原意有所誤差。
Hi! This is our 311th visualization, 290th Touhou Vocal video with a length of about 4 minutes, hope you like it! 😊 This is a translation of a C96 new song, the 3rd track of the album "Star Piece". The video includes Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles. Translation might be different from its original meaning.

This channel has no profit-making behavior. If there are any need for improvement, feel free to leave a message for us. Please let us know if it is inappropriate, we will delete the video on time, thanks!
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♫ 歌曲紹介/歌曲資訊/Introduction:Forevermore / 永遠
♫ オリジナル/原曲/Original:東方三月精 《スターヴォヤージュ2008》
♫ 中譯/Chinese Traditional Translation:天宫冥子
♫ PV:冰淇淋 ‧ Bing Qilin
♫ 發布/Release:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
♫ サークル/社團/Circle:FELT http://feltmusic.net/
♫ アルバム/專輯/Album:2019-08-12 (C96) FELT - Star Piece http://feltmusic.net/FELT029/
♫ アレンジ/編曲/Arrange:NAGI☆ https://twitter.com/nagi_hoshi
♫ リリック/作詞/Lyric:Renko(ORANGE★JAM)
♫ ヴォーカル/歌手/Vocal:Vivienne https://twitter.com/vivienne_vocal
♫ 画像/圖片/Image:dairi https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4920496
♫ 背景画像/背景圖片/Background image:https://unsplash.com/photos/6b9rqGI_w1s

✎ 製作/Maker:萌樂 ‧ Meng Yue
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♪ 歌詞/Lyric:

I've walked for as long as I have known,

Discarded the things I needed most.

I thought that, alone, I could be strong,

Keep going on.

But days come where everything's undone,
然而終有一日 事事未成之余

Unraveling loose, unkempt, unstrung,
身心亦疲憊不堪 憔悴至極

And I can't keep on holding on.

Filled with something I cannot describe,

In the darkened night, I still know the way.
漫漫長夜 仍知曉路在何方

Even then are days where I might lose the sight of it.
儘管往後的日子裡 也有可能找不著它

It's easy to feel as though I'm alone

When I seem so lost, without a home.
自是茫然自失 無家可歸之時

But given time, it's all just in the past.
奈何時過境遷 一切終成過眼雲煙

This emptiness can make it seem like we're still strangers
這份空虛感 讓你我間彷彿素不相識

On a winding road or passing through the starless sky,
迂迴曲折的道路上 亦或路過無星之夜的經歷

But this distance doesn't have to own my life.

At times, all my memories seem to blur

As though a deep fog has come for good.

I thought that, alone, I'd clear it all

And see again.

Your words and your feelings carry through
將你的所言所感 貫徹到底

And easily doubt gives way to truth.

Like waking up at last, I'm freed.
就像終於蘇醒了般 得到了解脫

Filled with something I cannot describe,

You have given me so much every time.

I can feel the strength within is growing day by day.
感受到體内的力量 日漸壯大

For once in my life, I feel like I'm home,
生平第一次 感覺回到了家

No longer am I just on my own.

I've left the rest behind within the past.
將多餘的事物 留在了過去

And even if on certain days, we seem like strangers
即便有朝一日 我們彷彿形同陌路

Moving suddenly in different ways, it still won't break apart
忽然間踏上截然不同的道路 也仍不會決裂

What we have or who we are inside.
所擁有的 以及打心底是怎樣的人

Tell me what lies beyond the future.
請告訴我 未來前方埋藏著何物

Promise me we'll try together to
答應我 彼此齊心協力 共度難關

Hold on when going through our darkest struggles.

Promise that I will stay here with you.

You have my own heart forevermore.

Even if this remains unspoken.
毋須明說 大家都對此心照不宣

For once in my life, no longer alone,
人生中第一次 不再是形單影隻了

I feel like I'm finally at home

And opened up a brand new world inside.

And ever should our promises fall into pieces,

Moving suddenly in different ways, it still won't break apart
忽然間踏上截然不同的道路 也仍不會決裂

What we have or who we are inside.
所擁有的 以及打心底是怎樣的人

You'll have me forevermore.

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